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Weather should be easy.

Weather apps are absolutely essential, but too many of them have become bogged down in features, and it has made them slow and sometimes confusing to use. All I want to do is see what it's like outside now, and when it's going to be coming up.

What if there was a weather app that was stupid simple and just gave you want you wanted immediately? No frills, just beautiful, accurate weather powered by Dark Sky.

Today's Forecast on iPhone

Key Features

Beautiful Design

Weather apps should look good, and Today's Forecast delivers with best in class icons and alternate themes.


Today's Forecast delivers the weather nearly instantly. Why? We have optimized the app for speed above all else. Other apps may have more features, but none get you your information quicker.


Your weather app should not be collecting personal data about you. None of your data is collected by the app, and since the app is ad free, advertisers don't get anything from your either.

People are Saying...

Today's Forecast for iOS is a breath of fresh air weather forecasting


Today’s Forecast manages to fit an extraordinary amount of weather data into a single, readable screen.

MacStories Weekly - Issue 94

It launches quickly and displays all the information I need in a concise, easy to read layout. And it certainly helps that it features such a handsome icon.

Michael Rockwell - Initial Charge

Today’s Forecast does an amazing job of pulling in very detailed information from Dark Sky, and displaying it in a much easier fashion.

Greg Morris

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